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Ostinato drumming
Mind work outs
What is an ostinato?
Where it began,where is it going?
How do I do that?
Player examples
Four way co-ordination
Independence day
How do we learn ?
Paradiddle ostinato "how to"guide
EASY START (ish ) gulp!
NEW Para grooving
V DRUM practice pad (V =cheap version )
Power Practice
Mind work outs
What am I working on?
The musician drummer?
Accent ostinato
Sound clusters
Over odd time
Poly page
Odd times ahead
Pedal swing?
Make mine a double?
For the art
Pedal Physics
Guest book
Link page

Here are some handy exercises to streach your co-ordination


Here a list of limbs to go with the chart.
As you can see it it involves playing singles
against doubles on all limbs or the other
way round depending on which one you start with.

1 LH 3 RH
2 LF 4 RF
1 LH 3 RH
2 RF 4 LF
1 RH 3 LH
2 RF 4 LF
1 RH 3 LH
2 LF 4 RF